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Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Dream 1970

Augenstern 1984

Steve, Hans Cousto
with Hans Cousto 1991

Steve, Jens Zygar
SSO 1997

SSO live New York
SSO 2000

SSO + Blue Violin
SSO + Blue Violin 2005

Steve Schroyder
Steve Schroyder 2006

Born in the north of germany in 1950, Steve dedicated his life to cosmic space music ever since he knew such thing as music exists and today he is looked upon as a pioneer of electronic music.

1970 - He discovered the syntheziser to be 'his' instrument to realize his visions of space music. He was a recording artist on the legendary albums »Alpha Centauri« (1971) and »Zeit« (1972) with the masters of Tangerine Dream.

1972 - Followed by recordings on the »Seven Up« album, the psychedelic recording with the presence of Timothy Leary done with the band Ash Ra Tempel he hit straight off into the psychedelic universe and travelled around the world.

1980 - Times of ongoing technical developments in the area of electronic music as well as study of the concepts of music led, together with Gene Gross, to the founding of the band Augenstern, which created some very beautiful productions like »Strahlen« and »Blütenklang« (both released on MC) and a selection »Best of Augenstern« (on CD), which were very succesful in the New Age scene around the world.

1987 - A new chapter began when he met Hans Cousto, author of the »Cosmic Octave«. He got aquainted with the concept of sphere harmony and started to create music that was in resonance with the astronomical vibrations of the planets of our solar system.

1990 - The 2 CD album »Klänge Bilder Welten - Stars, Sounds & Colors« presented the different tunes of the earth and the moon. The follow-up album »Sun - Spirit of Cheops«, which transfered the harmonic structures of the pyramid of cheops in relationship with the basic tuning of the sun was a milestone within the genre cosmic music.

Steve's connection with the new age scene got even more intense, when he did the serial »Music for Breathing« together with Fritz Dobretzberger, also a creator within the inner circle of the Cosmic Octave. Under the name Starsounds Project they realised the translation of astronomical horoscopes into music. Close to 50 individual symphonies derived from that cooperation.

Steve's way into the global world as a cosmic musician reached a further level when he met the gong musician Jens Zygar in 1989. Both were fascinated by the topic of the Cosmic Octave and began to cooperate under the name of Star Sounds Orchestra (SSO).

This unique sound combination of electronic music together with acoustic planetary tuned gong music led to the band, that from the very first moment of its existence fascinated listeners all over the planet.

1991 - »Planets« was their first CD and presented the tunes of the planets of the solar system. This straight planetary ambient album had some follow-ups like »Kosmophonon« and »Phantastische Phänomene«, another popular sound track for a holistic TV-show.

They made first contact with the techno scene on a legendary seven hours lasting concert at 'Megatripolis' Club in London. Their ambient spheric sound got popular at chillout areas from then on. Collaboration with DJs out of psychedelic trance inspired and changed SSO-sound clearly.

1997 - »Psy Force«, their first psychedelic trance album, was released by famous german label Spirit Zone Records, followed by »Ooz« (1999). Next release was the double album »Music For Qigong Dancing« at Millennium Records, UK. It shows two sides of SSO - deep ambient and dance. Live concerts in many countries all over the world made Steve popular as a living legend of electronic music.

2006 - Steve and Fritz Dobretzberger founded their own music label called Planetware Records. First release was the Maxi-CD »Let´s Mozart« by Star Sounds Orchestra featuring Blue Violin.

2009 - Steve plays some concerts together with Anne Clark and later on joines her band.

2014 - means the end for the cooperation in Star Sounds Orchestra. Together with Irina Mikhailova Steve names the new band Star Sound Kontinuum.

2015 - Steve meets Zeus B. Held for a couple of sessions in a studio. They name their project Dream Control.

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SAT1 - »Phantastische Phänomene«
Production of Soundtrack for tv-show

Robbe Modellbau
Soundtracks for various videoclips / Advertising

Goedecke | Pfizer
Soundtrack for product video / promotion

video production

Soundtrack for multimedia logo

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